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We increase the value of your company. Are you ready?

Ready every day to sell your organization to your customer, staff, supplier, shareholders or buyers.        The right time to start with Sales Readiness is now.


What We Do

We add shareholder value for technology and software companies.

We have developed a methodology to grow and increase the value of organizations. We do not only look at revenue growth, but also at the value for investors, partners, employees and the customer.

We eliminate months or years of growing pains by providing access to the European markets and ecosystem.   


Our Approach

Our team of specialists often has multiple specializations and extensive experience at C-level and as an entrepreneur. Often they have successfully run or sold an organization.

A worldwide network of business leaders has been created in the last two decades.

We can help with practical goals, a simple and executable plan and implementation that can be continuously developed and optimized. 


Our Mission

It is our drive to share knowledge and experience that enables you to add value faster within your organization.

Realization of your desired value improvement. Being ready when selling your company to new hires, customers or investors. Or setting up your Exit strategy. In doing so, we generate value to rehearse success. 

Success is different for every organization and entrepreneur. By defining the definition of success for the organization and the people involved, we want to create a roadmap for your success. 

A continuous plan that makes your success more measurable, can be rehearsed and expanded.