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We help business leaders stay current while managing growth and casting vision for the future. We have developed a methodology for growth and eliminate months or years of growing pains by providing access to proven tools and a network with experienced specialists.

We improve business value, scale and liquidity while adding shareholder value. 




What We Do

We add shareholder value for technology and software companies.

We have developed a methodology to grow and increase the value of organizations. We do not only look at revenue growth, but also at the value for investors, partners, employees and the customer.

We eliminate months or years of growing pains by providing access to the European markets and ecosystem.   


Our Approach

Our team of specialists often has multiple specializations and extensive experience at C-level and as an entrepreneur. Often they have successfully run or sold an organization.

A worldwide network of business leaders has been created in the last two decades.

We can help with practical goals, a simple and executable plan and implementation that can be continuously developed and optimized. 


Our Mission

It is our drive to share knowledge and experience that enables you to add value faster within your organization.

Realization of your desired value improvement. Being ready when selling your company to new hires, customers or investors. Or setting up your Exit strategy. In doing so, we generate value to rehearse success. 

Success is different for every organization and entrepreneur. By defining the definition of success for the organization and the people involved, we want to create a roadmap for your success. 

A continuous plan that makes your success more measurable, can be rehearsed and expanded.


Testimonials & featured Clients

Floraldino has proven time and time again to be the best possible partner for companies looking to establish a foothold in a new, international market.


Focus and impact on shareholder value enhancement and sales readiness of the organization.
As a result, a Hugh revenue growth of and subsequently a successful sale of the organization.

OXplus (Bentley Systems Inc.)


A strong commercial partner, always looking after operational excellence and sustainable results for all parties involved.

Bosch Communications


HAN University Arnhem

Blog, News, & Resources

Partner onboarding workshop

Partner onboarding workshop

Partner Onboarding allows partners to get up to speed quickly, by providing them an overview of your portfolio and all the tools and systems they need in their daily work. Partner Onboarding allows partner new hires to get up to speed quickly, by providing them an...

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HR, Local & Dedicated

HR, Local & Dedicated

While certain countries may look attractive, local legislation and labour may turn out to be issues that can impact the creation or future growth of your company. We know which countries have skilled labour pools and the required talent to help drive your business...

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Methods for valuing a company

Methods for valuing a company

Before a investor our buyer is going to take over a company, a valuation must be determined. You can value a company in different ways, but it is not always easy. A company that has been around for several years can be appreciated in different ways. We have worked out...

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Outsourced VP of Sales

Outsourced VP of Sales

Looking for a new sales leader or maybe someone who is able to build your new region from scratch. We work with you to guide you in determining what type of individual will benefit your organization. We have local and experienced candidates for clients who are...

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Sales Outsourcing

Sales Outsourcing

You have invested in your sales and marketing organisation and maybe seen some results, but you're not driving the return you anticipated. Is it your strategy? Your sales? Your marketing? Do you outsource parts of it, or do you take a different approach to build...

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Our Senior Contributors

Our Contributors are successful, independently thinking and operating advisers and consultants. They attach great importance to a stimulating working environment: professional, personal, unburdening, challenging.

They are multilingual, experienced and well-educated in a wide variety of fields. Most individuals have worked or studied abroad, and all bring unwavering commitment to client satisfaction with everything they undertake.

Scott MacKenzie

Scott is a Senior Executive and speaker with over 30 years of global business management, finance, mergers and acquisitions, business development, supply chain management, marketing and information technology experience.

Scott consistently provided solid sales, strategic planning, business development, management and leadership to improve overall business efficiency and financial success.

Greg Wright

Greg takes a “Results Matter” approach to building out world-class sales and marketing organizations. As a leader, his focus is to develop and maintain a highly cooperative, energetic and competitive culture. His passion is to out strategize, out think, and out close the competition while continuing to focus on doing the right things.

Ultimately, we win when our customers are achieving the results we tell them they will achieve.

Niels Achterberg

Setting things in motion, that's about what Niels likes to do. Niels loves to work with people, touch and inspire them and create a space for them to unleash their full potential. With a background in management, business development, hr and marketing, He tries to merge different perspectives into an effective, personal and people oriented approach. Because in the end, people are the most valuable resource your company will ever have.

Jane de Lira

Jane has more than 20 years of experience in managerial positions at B2B companies in financial services, software and logistics. A respected leader and business partner with strong communication and decision-making skills that help entrepreneurs grow their business quickly.

As a financial advisor, she knows that a holistic approach is needed to expand your business. She is also an inspiring speaker, coach and trainer.
Jane is able to see the bigger picture to lead and contribute to broader organizational strategic growth initiatives and optimize investments to create value.

Jeroen Balzer

Jeroen founded several companies and held numerous senior-level executive positions both in the US and Europe, at start-ups, scale-ups and corporate companies.

His 20+ years of executive leadership experience spanning corporate development, alliances, strategy, sales, education services, professional consulting and strategic selling experience. Jeroen has an absolute passion for selling.

You as our new Contributor?

Do you recognize yourself in this story and are you considering continuing your consultancy career, but in a different way? We are looking for senior contributors with a rich experience in doing business internationally.