With more than 25 years of experience, our people provide training in online conversations and sales techniques. We share knowledge to make virtual training, management and coaching of teams simple and successful.

A personal approach, tailored to your organization and immediately applicable. With this we enable companies and their employees to be successful and make a difference when working from home.

Sales and conversation techniques are even more important if no physical visit can take place. The right approach, know-how and technology is necessary to be able to perform successfully in an online setting.

Apply your sales and management knowledge from your home work situation and arm yourself with the right skills.

All the Right WFH Skills?

Online Sales Training

Take advantage of the WFH benefits.

Of course your sales people know all sales techniques and methodologies. And yet, even the most experienced sales people should occasionally be motivated, inspired and refreshed. This often works better if done by an outsider.

Before the training will be discussed with the management and the trainee what the learning objectives and further objectives are. In this way we can prevent irrelevant topics and the focus remains on the desired goals.

Some possible goals;
– Take advantage of the WFH benefits
– Improve communication when on a conference call?
– Questioning techniques for qualification
– General sales techniques
– Improve Closing techniques

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Online Demo Skills Training

What is the purpose of your demo?

More than ever, people are more interested in receiving a online demo. Demos are often given to the wrong people with the wrong content and at the wrong time in the sales process.

A demo is one of the most powerful moments to showcase your offer. The right demo moment only passes once. Optimize this moment by proper coordination with the team, preparation and approach.

Some possible goals;
– Tuning the right demo moment and audience
– How do I optimally prepare for the demo
– What is the best approach for the demo and what content do I show?
– How do I create the best next step

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Online Presentation Skills training

Please, avoid “dead by power point” experiences.

Many presentations are downright boring. With a virtual presentation there is also a chance that people log in and pretend they are listening but meanwhile find other things more important. So you will have to grab attention and appeal.

Some preparation steps:
– Investigate in advance who will attend the virtual presentation, what their job title is and what purpose they have.
– Match your message to the goal you want to achieve.
– See if you can use relevant content and do not read it from the presentation you share.

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