What is your attitude, vision, strategy, human and moral compass?

Since mid-March, we have weekly conversations with various business leaders from Europe and the US about their commitment and concerns. No product pitches, but substantive discussions about the Corona crisis. We are thinking about solutions, hope and leadership.

Together we discuss acute challenges, situations in a familiar and confidential way. We go through different scenarios and possible approaches and strategies. Prepared for opportunities, a different way of working and other changes to be as good as possible ready for the post-Corona era.

Are you ready to step up and serve as a leader?

We discuss various topics such as the examples shown below.

  • How do I deal with changing payment behavior or the absence of payments?
  • How do I generate cash flow? Now and in the future?
  • How do I deal with forced layoffs?
  • how do I keep the valuable people who work for you?
  • What do I do with our pipeline and forecast? Do I need a bridge plan?
  • Do I have to work on new and multiple scenarios? Where do I start?
  • Do I need a new strategy? How do I create change a new vision and strategy?

How do you deal with difficult decisions as a leader and how do you look at the future?

Corona is now causing a lot of misery, but as with any crisis, it may also offer opportunities. Challenge each other about what we can still do with this misery from a leadership perspective. How do we get out of this stronger? And .. how can we still be commercially successful or at least limit the damage. And then the question, is what we know and were able to apply earlier in the current situation still applicable? Can we put everything aside? Or is it not what you have learned more important than ever?

We will continue to share these insights with our network and are ready to help where possible.