Decide the marketing goal of your international business before you start doing business in another country. What goods or services would you like to offer? We help you to define your marketing goals and consider the image you want to present for your products or services.

Based on facts we help select the country you  to do business in and what qualities are admired there and avoid negative connotations.

Define your business values

Consider the values that your business stands for and how to emphasise these. Remember you are operating in a foreign country so it may make sense to use a different approach to marketing.

For example, a small business selling software direct to the end customer may do well in the US. However, when entering Europe it could more efficient and successful to work with partners in European countries.  Conversely, if your business is built on offering a local service then it may be better to focus on a direct approach. Working with a reseller or setting up a branch office can give customers the impression that you operate as a local firm.

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